Science, Technology & Wisdom 

In partnership with Gharieni Group, with a combined experience of over 50 years.  Bergamos is proud to introduce wellness treatments using the world's leading manufacturer of the highest-quality treatments tables and equipment for spa, beauty, & wellness.

Wellness 360, your mind at ease... your body at rest

Relaxation is part physical and part mental.  Exercise your mind and have 360 degrees of calm with Bergamos advanced well-being treatments.  Our Well-being Treatments were specifically developed with this in mind, incorporating both mental and physical proven methods for a full circle way to destress, relax and reset your body.  Complete your wellness 360 journey with the complimentary use of our Therme' Circuit before and after your treatments.  The Therme' Circuit includes the use of our well-appointed & luxurious private changing rooms, plush robes, slippers, Aroma Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Heated Therapy Pool (with zero-gravity seating and bubbling jets with a swan neck water jet for the ultimate in relaxation).


Psammo Therapy – A tradition that dates back thousands of years
Ancient Egyptians used Psammo therapy (Hot Sand Therapy) for medical treatments such as scoliosis to inflammatory diseases.  Today, thermal treatments are used in wellness spas to provide mental treatments,  physical relaxation, and anti-inflammatory therapies to rebalance the body.  The Gharieni Group created a quartz sand bed to elevate the experience and provide supreme comfort to guests enjoying the multiple benefits of sand therapy, with its known health benefits.

Experience a unique and luxurious Well-being Therapy
Our modern version of quartz sand therapy invites you to rest on a bed of clean, pure, softly heated sand, molding to your body and creating a cocoon of warmth.  During each treatment, your provider will ring the sounds of ancient Tibetan bowls.  Research has shown that the sound waves from the Tibetan bowls resonate through your body to the soft, receptive sand.  First, the rich blend of harmonic tones helps balance your chakras and switch to Theta brainwave frequencies, ideal for reaching a meditative state.  Other benefits include: promoting deep relaxation while decreasing stress and anxiety, stimulating the immune system, and improving circulation and blood flow.  Any massage is taken to the next level when coupled with this German engineered quartz table that integrates aromatherapy, inversion therapy, and the application of heated poultice stamps over joints.  


Experience Vibration Therapy with Binaural Acoustic to Relax and Reboot
The Gharieni Welnamis System – The Binaural Acoustic & Dynamic Stimulation is a computer-controlled acoustic and vibrational therapy that trains the brain to relax and benefit from deep relaxation techniques.  Using specific vibrations and binaural audio frequencies, the Welnamis System makes it possible for even the busiest minds to achieve deep levels of relaxation with the optimal 30-minute therapy session sessions.  Like meditation, specific sounds slow down mental activity, and vibrational frequencies act specifically on the body's energy centers.
The foundational therapy is the Quantum Harmonic audio therapy.  It delivers symptom-reducing and resilience-building multilayered programs through stereo headphones.  Bergamos has developed unique treatments that maximize the stress relief and calming benefits created by the Welnamis system.


Gharieni's new Libra treatment takes Vichy shower innovation to the next level. 

Cutting edge in design, the Hydrospa creates a new water experience for clients in a relaxed position on a heated treatment table that is fully adjustable in height.  The state-of-the-art integrated technology provides a unique choreography of varying water temperatures, programmable pressure, and color light therapy in an interactive control panel.  Depending on the client's needs, there are preset water choreographies for balancing, stimulating, or relaxing effects.  After three years of use, we are proud to say we have created three new Hydrospa treatments that are so unique you won't be able to find them anywhere in the US.  In fact, Bergamos is one of only two spas in the United States offering treatments on this unique Hydrospa table.



Wellness 360